Digital bookkeeping

What does it mean to have a digital financial administration system?

Everything in one place

If you choose to have a digital financial administration system in your company it means that all bookkeeping, payroll management, invoicing, management of purchase invoices and payments are done in the same program.
You do not have to deliver accounting materials in paper version to the bookkeeping agency, all material is entered directly into the program.

Other programs

If necessary, it is also possible to integrate other programs used in your company into the financial administration system. The programs are web-based, which means that users do not need to update the programs themselves.

Smooth management

At NK Bokföring we see many benefits in managing a company’s financial administration digitally. It is timesaving, everything is in one place and easily accessible.
Reports such as income statements and balance sheets are obtained immediately when needed.
The program also provides a good overview of all payments in the company.

A smooth management of payments, receipts, registration, and monitoring of working hours are also possible via phone applications. Switching to the digital system is easy and we will help you throughout the process and provide training in the program.


Netvisor saves time, the program is fast, smooth, and easily accessible. Invoicing is easy and no paper is needed. You get real time reports, and the IT environment is secure.

It is also easy to get digital analyzes for review.

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